Your source for all the latest gossip
by Countess O

June 21, 2020

I have asked myself to take a little time out from the social whirl of balls and dinner parties, to record some of the gossip floating around Paradise City each issue.

To begin with, a question on everyone’s lips at the moment: who was the mystery redhead seen running into the Dirty Shame Roadhouse recently? I think we’d all like to know the answer to that, especially with Irene Martin currently nowhere to be seen.  And who, for that matter, was the naked man spotted asleep on Haeun’s bed?

Residents and visitors alike may be intrigued by word of a new, garage themed, club that has just opened in Paradise East. Called Petrolhead, it’s something more to enjoy, and it’s creating a nice balance with Club Bare Naked of course.

Do keep me informed of anything that’s happening in town, especially if it happens to be naughty or scandalous. My eyes and ears are always open!